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Stitchy Prose was created out of a desire to meld two passions, writing and needlework, together. Similar to how writers use prose to communicate ideas, thoughts, and experiences, I am choosing to use the language of needlework. This language is not merely crossing X’s on fabric; it is an opportunity to share an inner voice and will give needleworkers the ability to create timeless stories with every stitch.

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Hi, I’m Holly Freeman, the designer behind Stitchy Prose. In the mid 2000’s, I discovered my love for needlework after my mother taught me how to cross stitch; long story short, it was a hot summer day in the Maritimes and (much to my dismay at the time) was my brother’s turn to use the Nintendo Gamecube we shared. Although he has the Gamecube now, I have a lifelong passion for needlework and my soul will forever be fed with needle and thread.

As a designer, I draw inspiration from pieces of prose and poetry that I write. Each design that I create shares my ideas, thoughts, and experiences; like photographs, they capture moments in time from my everyday life. My hope is that they inspire others to not only create timeless treasures, but to also capture the essence of their everyday lives and desires.

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